Vijaya Bank Credit Card Bill Payment

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Vijaya Bank offers domestic and global credit cards to its account holders. The cards are issued not only to individuals but also for corporate. Vijaya Bank offers both VISA & Master Card credit cards that come with 24 hour personal accident insurance coverage.

Vijaya Bank also provides life time free Add-on cards to spouse, parents, kids (above 18 years). In addition to cash withdrawal from ATMs, you may withdraw cash using Vijaya Bank credit card from any one of Vijaya Bank branches.

Vijaya Bank Credit cards are available in domestic as well as global variants.

Domestic Cards

•    VISA Classic Credit Card
•    MasterCard Classic Credit Card
•    Vijaya Platinum Card
•    VISA Gold Credit Card

Global Credit Cards

•    MasterCard Global Credit Card
•    VISA Classic International Card
•    VISA City Specific Card
•    VISA Doctor’s Card
•    VISA Nurse’s Card

Vijaya Bank Credit Card Bill Payment via Auto Debit

•    If you have an account with Vijaya Bank, you may choose Auto-debit for paying your credit card bills.

•    Visit Vijaya Bank branch where you have an account.

•    Issue standing instruction at your Bank Branch for activating Auto Debit from your Vijaya Bank account.

•    Alternatively you may also activate your Auto Debit Facility in following ways.

Call 24- hour customer call centre no. 1800 4259992 / 080 41133500
E-mail it to

•    You may have the option for paying your minimum or full bill payment.

•    On your due date, your amount will be automatically debited and funds gets transferred from your Central Bank of India account to your credit card account