Tata Docomo Bill Payment

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Even if you don’t have time to go to Tata Docomo stores or outlets, you may still pay your Tata Docomo Bill pay as it offers multiple channels for making payment. Life has become relaxed and easier with easy to use payment channels for making payment of post paid bills.
Keeping in mind the payment preferences of various sections of people, Tata Docomo has come up with diverse payment modes including Cash, Cheque, Credit Card, Bank Account, Pay on mobile, mchek and ITZ Cash.
Tata Docomo Online Bill Payment
Ever wondered that you can pay your bills any time and from any place connected by internet? Tata Docomo Online Bill payment allows you to make online payment over the internet through Tata Docomo website.
Instant Pay Link
•    Visit the following link for accessing Instant pay link at Tata Docomo website

•    Enter your Tata Docomo Mobile Number or Tata Docomo Account number in the corresponding text boxes.

•    Enter your email address in the next text box and then click submit.

•    On the next page, verify your pending amount and account details.

•    Key in the amount you would like to pay and then select the payment option.

•    You will be asked to enter the details of your bank account at the payment gateway and your account will be debited post authentication.

•    As an acknowledgement for payment request, a transfer reference number is generated and sent to you.

E-Bill Pay

•    Before availing this service, you need to ensure that your net banking services are active. It is an easy way of paying your monthly bills using Net Banking.

•    Complete your registration on your bank website if you have not done so. Follow the instructions for registration from your bank’s website.

•    After the successful registration, you are required to login to Bank’s website and select Bill pay Utility service.

•    Make payments of your outstanding bills in the Bill payment services of your Bank.

Electronic Clearing Service

This feature allows you to pay your bill automatically every month at due date from your bank account. You need not worry about remembering the due dates and paying your bills yourself.

•    Complete the Tata Docomo Auto Debit Mandate or ECS Registration form by clearly mentioning all your banking details.

•    Once the ECS registration form is completed attach one cancelled cheque which needs to be attested by your bank.

•    Submit the AutoDebit Mandate form along with cancelled cheque at any nearby Tata Docomo Dive in Store or TTSL office.

•    The period of registration is about 10 to 12 days.

•    After registration is done successfully, ECS will be applied to your account from next billing cycle.

Tata Docomo Bill Payment through mobile

•    Got a credit card (Visa/Amex/Master/Diners), you may make payment of your post paid bills through your mobile.

•    Before using your credit card for making payments, you need to get One Time Password from your bank for mobile transactions.

•    Register your Tata Docomo mobile number with your credit card issuing bank.

•    Once you have registered your Tata Docomo Mobile number and receive the OTP password, you are all set for paying your bills through mobile.

•    Browse the Dive-in menu of your mobile and click on post-paid payments

•    Enter your relationship number and click on submit. On next page, submit your payment amount and click on Pay.

•    Enter your credit card details including credit card no, expiry date, CVV code (3 digit code on the back of your card) & OTP

•    On successful payment you will receive the status of your transaction as successful and transaction ID number as an acknowledgement for your payment.

In addition to these you can also make payments of your post-paid bills in the following ways.

•    Paying Cash at Tata Docomo Dive-in Stores, stores, retail shop, easy bill outlets and Oxigen billpay.

•    Drop in cheque at Tata Docomo Dive-in Stores, stores, Drop Boxes, easy bill outlet.

•    Using mChek by using your Credit Card/Debit Card

•    Using Itz prepaid Card