Reliance Fixed line Phone Bill Payment

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Reliance Fixed Line Phone offers numerous value added services in addition to make and receive calls. You may enjoy array of intelligent features and services that imparts enhanced user experience.
With Reliance Fixed line you can enjoy calling, get info on missed and received calls, hands free talking, etc. Moreover, Reliance Fixed Line Phone features sleek and smart telephone instrument for easy and enjoyable telephony.
Reliance Communications offers numerous ways of paying post-paid bills for their large base of customers including Online Payment, Phone Payment, Auto Pay Direct Debit, Cheque, Cash, Debit Card/Credit Card and E-recharge.
Reliance Fixed Line Online Bill Payment
Customers can avail online bill payment service for paying their online bills anytime from anywhere. There are two methods of making online bill payment including Instant Pay and Register and Pay.
•    Instant Pay Service offers the flexibility to the customers to make payment without getting registered on the site.
•    Visit the following link for accessing Instant Pay option

•    Enter your Reliance Subscriber Number and your email address in the corresponding boxes. While entering reliance Subscriber number ensure to not use prefix with ‘0’.

•    Email address you entered is used for sending the payment receipt.

•    After entering the Reliance Subscriber Number and email address, click on continue. It will take to you to a new page.

•    Enter the payment amount in the box provided and then select submit.

•    Choose the preferred mode of payment from Net banking/Credit card/Debit Card

•    Proceed with the payment. Your transaction will be completed in few seconds and you may receive an E-receipt and status of transaction as successful.

•    E-receipt is also sent to your email address. Your mobile will also receive a SMS confirmation of your payment.

In addition to Instant Pay, consumers can also make online payment via Register and Pay.

•    Visit the following link for registering your account with reliance bill pay.

•    In this option, you are required to get registered and create your account.

•    You need to submit your desired User ID and password for accessing your account.

•    Once you logged into your account, you can access various services like your usage, your bill details, etc.

•    Rest of the procedure is same as in case of Instant Pay.

Reliance Fixed line Automated Phone Payment (AVR)
•    You may also pay your post-paid bills from your phone by using Reliance Automated Phone payment service.

•    To access this service Dial *222 and you will listen to welcome call

•    Follow the instructions as mentioned by IVR like selecting the language options, selecting your bill and paying your bills.

•    You may use your Credit Card for paying your bills by following the payment instructions on IVR.
Reliance Fixed line Bill Payment via Auto Pay Direct Debit
•    This feature allows the customers to pay their bills automatically every month by the due date. The bill amount is charged either to your bank account or credit card.

•    You need to register for Auto Pay for using this feature.

•    Visit the following link to download the mandate form

•    Ensure to submit the duly filled mandate form at any Reliance Communications outlet.

•    For Direct Debit through Bank account, submit a signed cancelled cheque of your bank along with mandate form.

•    For Direct Debit through credit card, submit a self attested photocopy of front side of credit card along with mandate form.

Additionally, you can also pay your Reliance Fixed line post-paid bill by using any one of the following ways.

•    Cheque/Draft Payment
•    Cash Payment
•    E-Recharge
•    Credit card/ Debit Card Payment