Punjab National Bank Credit Card Bill Payment

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Punjab National Bank offers all purpose credit cards for its customers. You may use PNB credit cards for various purposes like railway ticket reservations, holidaying, shopping, etc. It allows you the flexibility of managing your finances, planned as well as unplanned.
You can earn while you spend with PNB credit cards. You will earn 1 reward point for every Rs. 100 spend by you. Moreover these accumulated points can be redeemed for attractive exciting offers.
Types of PNB Credit Cards

•    The PNB Global Gold Credit Card
•    The PNB Global Classic Credit Card

Pay your PNB Credit Card bills conveniently by using any one of the following payment options.

PNB Credit Card Bill Payment via Cash/Cheque/Drafts
•    Visit the following link for locating your Punjab National Bank branch with designated drop boxes.

•    You may also find the list of drop boxes by visiting the following sites
www.pnbindia.com or www.pnbindia.in

•    Visit your nearest PNB Branch and make payment for your credit card bill in cash, Cheque or DD. After the payment is made, your credit card account gets credited with the deposited amount.

•    Ensure to write cheques /DD in favour of “PNB Credit Card No. xxxx xxxx xxxx xxxx (sixteen digits)”.  Also, do not forget to mention the Cardholder’s name and card number on the reverse of the cheque.

PNB Credit Card Bill Payment via Auto Debit
•    If you have an account with Punjab National Bank, you may choose Auto-debit for paying your credit card bills.

•    Visit PNB Bank branch where you have an account.

•    Issue standing instruction at your Bank Branch for activating Auto Debit from your PNB account.

•    You may have the option for paying your Minimum Amount Due or Total Amount Due

•    On your due date, your amount will be automatically debited and funds get transferred from your PNB Bank account to your credit card account.

PNB Credit Card Bill Payment via Visa Money Transfer

•    PNB Visa cardholders can also pay their credit card bills by transferring their funds online from their other bank accounts.
•    Visit your nearest PNB ATM and login with your debit card and PIN or Logon to your netbanking account.

•    You may go to Main menu and then select Services.

•    Select “Visa Money Transfer” under this option and enter the Visa Credit Card Number for which you wish to make payment.

•    Re-enter the Visa Credit Card number again to confirm the payment.

•    Enter the payment amount and click on submit the transaction

PNB Credit Card Bill Payment through Internet Banking

•    If you have PNB account, you can pay credit card bills by using PNB NetBanking facility. Ensure to get registered for netbanking for making online payment.

•    Login with your User ID and password in the corresponding boxes.

•    Link your account to credit card and make payment of credit card dues.

PNB Credit Card Online Bill Payment

•    You may also pay your Credit Card bills online by visiting the following link

•    Click on Pay Now Button and follow the below mentioned instructions.

•    Submit your Credit Card Details by entering your 16 digit PNB Credit Card number and your bill amount.

•    Choose your Bank account that you like to use for making payment. You will be redirected to the secure payment interface of your selected bank.

•    Submit your authentication details; confirm pay amount and your account will get debited instantly.

•    After successful transaction, your online transaction is confirmed and transaction Reference Number is generated.

PNB Credit Card Bill Payment through NEFT

You may use NEFT for paying your credit card bills if you have a savings account with any other bank that offers NEFT facility.
•    You should login to your netbanking account using UserID and password.
•    Proceed to online payment through the NEFT mode.

•    Select Third Party Funds Transfer and add PNB credit card as your beneficiary.

•    Complete all the required details like IFSC code, Bank Name, Bank Branch, etc.

•    Confirm the amount and beneficiary details. Click on submit to initiate the transaction.

•    The transaction will proceed and funds will get transferred to your credit card account.