National Insurance Company Limited

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National Insurance Company Limited was established in 1906 in Kolkata. The headquarters of NIC are located in Kolkata and it is well reputed public sector insurance company of India. NIC is actively engaged in conducting non life insurance business through its 1000 offices and 16,000 skilled personnel.
Types of Non Life Insurance Policies
•    Personal Line
•    Rural Insurance
•    Industrial Risk
•    Commercial Risk

How to get NIC non life insurance policy
•    You can buy a Non life insurance policy from NIC by visiting your nearest NIC office/branch.

•    Visit your nearest office or branch either directly or via an authorised agent.

•    Ask for relevant Pre printed Proposal Form and filled it completely and accurately.

•    After completing the proposal form, you can submit it at our Office directly or through an authorised Agent.

•    You can also contact concerned office directly through telephone or E-mail.

•    For some policies or risks, you need to go for pre-acceptance survey. A surveyor from NIC will estimate the quantum of risk involved.

•    You may visit NIC computerised offices for obtaining the premium estimates.

•    Pay your premium amount in full.

•    You will receive your policy directly or through registered post.