Chamundeshwari Electricity Supply Corporation limited Bill Payment

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Chamundeshwari Electricity Supply Corporation limited (CESC) came into existence in April 2005 as a successor entity to Karnataka Power Transmission Corporation Limited (KPTCL) and MESCOM.
CESC is actively involved in ensuring smooth and reliable distribution of electricity power for five districts of Karnataka including Mysore, Chamarajanagar, Mandya, Hassan and Kodagu.
CESC offers various modes of paying the electricity bills including Accounting Units Counter Payment, ATP (Any Time Payments), ATM (SBM ATM Card Holders), Payments through post office and Mysore one payments.
CESC Accounting Units Counter Payments
•    You may visit any of the accounting units counter payments in person and make the payment in cash.
•    Carry a copy of your bill along with you.

•    You may make payments in Cash or Cheque at the counter. After making the payment, collect the receipt and file it for your future records.

CESC ATP (Any time Payments)
•    You may pay your CESC bills by using Any Time Payment (ATP) machines.

•    ATP machines are installed at various locations in CESC for allowing consumers to pay their electricity bills.
•    Visit the following link to check your nearest ATP machines.

•    You may pay your CESC bills through Cash/Local Cheque/DD 24 hours a day.

•    Ensure that your local Cheque/ DD should be drawn in favour of “Assistant Executive Engineer of corresponding O& M division.

•    Visit your ATP machine and select your mode of payment as cash/Cheque/envelope payment. You need to scan your CESC Mysore Bar Coded Bill

•    In case your bill is damaged or you don’t have bill, you may do manual entry by pressing manual button.

•    You will see the details of your bills on screen, verify the details and press confirm for the next screen.

•    Confirm the Bills and move on to next screen to remit the bills. For cash payments, Insert all currency notes one by one and then press on Remit bill/OK button.

•    For cheque payments, enter the cheque details like cheque date and amount and press OK. Insert the cheque into machine.

•    On next screen you will the receipt of your transaction.
CESC ATM Bill Payments (Only for SBM ATM Card Holders)
•    If you are a SBM ATM Card Holder, you may pay your CESC bills at SBM ATM machines.

•    Before using this facility you need to get registered for this service.

•    You should collect the registration form at SBM branches or ATMs, complete the registration form and provide details like bill copy, ATM/Debit Card Number.

•    Once the registration gets completed, customer can view the bill amount and due date on SBM ATM and make payment at ATM anytime.

•    Visit your nearby SBM ATM and enter your card and PIN for accessing the ATM.

•    Select Bill Pay Service option from the list of options available.

•    Select View and Pay bills option. You will see list of outstanding CESC bills. Select the bill number you wish to pay.

•    Confirm the amount of payment. The transaction will proceed and you will get a payment receipt for transaction.
CESC Bill Payments through Post Offices
•    If you are Mysore consumer, you may also pay your bills by visiting any of the post offices of Mysore city.
CESC Bill payments through Mysore-One
•    If you are Mysore consumer, you may also pay your bills by visiting any of the Mysore-One centres.
•    Visit the following link to view the list of Mysore-One centres