Canara Bank Credit Card Bill Payment

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Canara Bank provides globally accepted credit cards for the various segments of the customers. Apart from the worldwide acceptance, the Canara Bank Credit cards also offer free insurance coverage.

Canara Cards are supported by an extensive network of Canara Bank branches and 24 Card Service centres in many important cities across the country.

•    Canara Visa Classic / Mastercard Standard Global Card
•    Canara Global Gold Card
•    Canara Corporate Card

Canara Bank Credit Card Bill Payment at Canara Bank Branches

•    Visit the following link for locating your nearest branch. On the left bottom of the page you will see the link for Locate us. Select your State and City for finding your nearest Canara Bank branch.

•    Visit your nearest Canara Bank branch and make payment for your credit call bill in cash, Cheque or DD.

•    You may also get a free Demand Draft from any of Canara Bank branches for paying your credit card dues.

Canara Bank Credit Card Bill Payment via NEFT

Before availing this service, ensure that both remitting and beneficiary bank branches are NEFT enabled.

You may also make payment for your Credit Card dues by using NEFT transfer from any of your other bank Savings Accounts. National Electronic Funds Transfer (NEFT) allows you to transfer your funds from one bank branch to any other.

Alternatively, if you do not have a netbanking account, you may visit your bank branch and complete an NEFT Application form.

•    You should login to your netbanking account using UserID and password.

•    Proceed to online payment through the NEFT mode.

•    Select Third Party Funds Transfer and add Canara Bank credit card as your beneficiary.

•    Complete all the required details like IFSC code, Bank Name, Bank Branch, etc.

•    Confirm the amount and beneficiary details. Click on submit to initiate the transaction.

•    The transaction will proceed and funds get transferred to your credit card account within 3 working days.

Canara Bank Credit Card Bill Payment via Visa Money Transfer

•    You may go to Main menu and then select Services.

•    Select “Visa Money Transfer” under this option and enter the Visa Card Number for which you wish to make payment.

•    Re-enter the Visa Card number again to confirm the payment.

•    Enter the payment amount and click on submit the transaction

Canara Bank Credit Card Bill Payment through Netbanking

•    You can pay credit card bills by using Canara Bank Net Banking after registering for netbanking for making online payment.

•    Visit the following link for accessing Canara Bank Netbanking facility.

•    Login with your User ID and password in the corresponding boxes

•    Enter the payment amount in the box provided and then select submit.

•    You will be redirected on the payment gateway page. Your transaction will be completed in few seconds and you may receive an E-receipt and status of transaction as successful.