Assam State Electricity Board Bill Payment

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The Assam State Electricity Board (ASEB) has launched the online bill payment facility for their users.  It is a very welcome initiative as consumers don’t need to wait for hours in queues for paying their bills.
With some simple clicks with mouse from the comfort of your home or office, you may pay your bills.
ASEB Online Bill Payment
There are various online payment modes available for the consumers. You may select any option based on your preference and convenience.
•    Visit the APDCL Online Billing Portal by browsing the following link.

•    On this portal, you may use your NetBanking/ Credit Card/Debit Card (BillDesk Payment Gateway) and ItzCash Cash card
Net Banking
•    Before using Net banking facility, you should ensure that your net banking facility is activated.
•    Keep your Net banking User ID and Password ready with you.
•    Select your Bank from the list of banks given for using Net banking facility and then click submit.
•    You will be taken to Net banking account page.  Check if your webpage is secure by checking the URL of the webpage and see if it starts with HTTPS and click on Lock icon located in the status bar of your web browser for viewing the site’s security details.
•    Enter your net banking User ID and password. You may use the virtual keyboard given for ensuring secure transaction.
•    Confirm that the details submitted are correct and click on submit.
Credit Card/Debit Card
•    Do you have VISA or Master Debit Card/Credit Card? If yes, you can pay your Gujarat Gas Bills by using it.
•    Take out your VISA or Master Debit Card/Credit Card and keep it with you.
•    Select your Bank from the list of banks given for using VISA or Master Credit Card/Debit Card and then click submit.
•    You will be taken to a new page which will ask for the details of your VISA or Master Credit Card/Debit Card.
•    Enter the 16 digit VISA or Master Credit Card/Debit Card
•    Enter your name as shown in the card
•    Enter the expiry date
•    Enter the CVC code (3 digit code written on the back side of your card)
•    After verifying all the details, Click on submit to complete the transaction.
The transaction will initiate and you may be asked to not press back or Refresh Tab. It takes only few seconds to complete the transaction and you will receive the status of transaction.
E-Receipt will be generated and send to your registered email address. You may take a print out of the E-receipt and file it for your future records.
ASEB ITZ Cash Card
•    Cash Cards can be used for paying your ASEB electricity bills. Purchase a cash card from any outlet.

•    Scratch the silver coating on the back of the Cash card to locate the pin number (4 digits) and card number (12 digits).

•    Use the Cash Card number and Pin number on loop mobile pay link for paying your ASEB bills.