Bill Payment

Bill Payment: Is that what you are worried about?

Lately you are worried about paying your bills on time. You are fighting hard to take time out from your hectic schedule to pay your bills. Not only you are bothered about the late fees applicable, but also the fear of suspension of services and negative credit reporting is haunting you.

So what prevents you to pay your bills on time? Some of the common reasons are busy schedule, tendency to forget, long queues at bill payment counters, etc.

Paying our bills on time has become an integral part of monthly chore. It encompasses whole set of activities including receiving bills, checking the accuracy of amount, filing them, setting reminder for paying them before due date, standing in long queues and finally keeping the receipts in file.

Ever wondered how your life would change if you can pay bills at any time of day from the comfort of your home. Well the revolutionary growth of web technologies has made it possible for you to pay your bills from anywhere, anytime. Customers can pay their bills online by using net banking, debit card or credit card.

With Online Bill Payment, you can bid goodbye to all tensions and worries of paying your bills on time during your office hours and avoid standing in long queue. In fact, the recent trends have shown that there is dramatic shift in the bill payment methods of people. Many progressive companies are planning to tap this   changed customer behaviour for increasing customer satisfaction and reducing costs.

Companies are looking forward to make the bill payment procedure as easy as possible so that customers can make their payments conveniently and effortlessly. This has led them to provide multiple channels of bill payments. However, as the companies strive hard to make bill payment procedure convenient for customers, it adds costs as well as complexity for the business.

Common ways of Bill Payment:
•    Mailing a Check: If you are aware of the due date of your bill, you can mail a check or DD at company address. You should ensure to read to payment guidelines before making such payments.

•    Phone in a credit card number: Making payments by using a phone call offers considerable flexibility for the consumers. You should ensure to get your phone banking services activated before availing this service and confirm if the bill generating company accepts such payments.

•    Cash payment in person: Making payments in Cash is still widely followed and individuals stand in long queue to pay their bills. It is not only time consuming but also disturbs your schedule in case the bill collection office is far away from your place.

•    Online Bill payment: Many companies are offering the online bill payment facilities for their customers. Customers should have active net banking account or they can use their debit or credit card for making payments.

•    Directly debit a bank account: Customers can also opt for Auto Pay or Direct Debit Facility for making their bills payment. This feature allows the bill collection companies to directly debit the bank account of the customers automatically whenever the bill is generated. Thus, customers need not remember the date and amount of pending bills.
Organisations across the world, are working towards simplifying the bill payment procedure in order to offer one-stop solution for making payments anytime from any location. This one stop destination keeps track of consumers’ bills, provides information about their due dates, provides history of previous bills, sends e-receipts over email with digital signatures that can be printed, allows to change plans, offers facility for adding or modifying services, etc.